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VGOC - Valtech group of companies

The Valtech Group of Companies include: Valtech Fabrication, Valtech Engineering, and Jayne Industries. 

Valtech Engineering

Valtech Engineering is a niche engineering and fabrication company focused on critical application expansion joints for the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Primary focus is on new design, refurbishment, and related field services.

Valtech Fabrication

Valtech Fabrication are an internationally recognized custom metal fabricator specializing in: expansion joints, reactor and regenerator cyclones, specialized air distributors, riser lines, regenerators, reactor heads, vessels, and other complex refractory lined FCC equipment.

The company is located in Valleyfield, Quebec Canada and facilities are over 106,000 sq ft (9,850 sq meters) and 150 tons (136 metric tons) lifting capacity to build custom industrial equipment, primarily meant for oil refineries. They provide equipment to refineries all around the world.

Valtech Group of Companies do not have a manufacturing and fabrication facility in USA. Valtech Group of Companies provide Engineering support from Valtech Engineering, USA office which is a technical design office. 

Valtech Jayne

Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Jayne Industries and our 80 plus employees have taken great pride over the past 40 years in being the leader in our core business of engineering and manufacturing refractory anchoring systems. 

Through strong leadership, owner commitment, and a company-wide drive to succeed, Jayne Industries has enjoyed continued positive growth since it’s foundation in 1966.

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